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DAMedia GigList

WordPress plugin

A simple to use plugin for WordPress to manage and display a list of gigs or events on your website.


DAML Gig List creates two new custom post types, one for Gigs and one for Venues.

The Venue post type contains extra fields for the venue address and contact details as well as a Google Maps link.

The Gig post type provides extra fields for the events date and start time plus a link to a Venue.

The plugin provides options to display the Gig List as an overridable templated page or via a short-code in widgets, posts and pages. Gigs are shown in date order and may be grouped by either year or month or with no grouping at all.

Also included is an admin page with a simple to use UI to create a shortcode by selecting your choices from all available options in a dynamic set of dropdown fields and date-pickers. This can then be simply copy & pasted into your page, post or widget.



The format of the short code to display the gig list in pages, posts and widgets is:

[damlgiglist group_by="Month|Year|None" title="My gig list" start_date="tomorrow" end_date="last day of December this year"]

The group_by parameter will group the gigs by month or year if “Month” or “Year” is supplied as the parameter. Any other value will suppress all grouping.

The title parameter can be used to override the plugin settings default. Specifying an empty title remove the title altogether even if there is a value in the plugin settings default title.

The start_date and end_date parameters are used to set which gigs are shown. You can use textual PHP format relative dates (see more information here: https://www.php.net/manual/en/datetime.formats.relative.php) If you require a fixed date, it must be specified in the format: YYYY-MM-DD. Any gigs outside the supplied from and to dates will not be shown. The date parameters default to the default dates set in the Gig List Settings admin page if no values are supplied or the parameters are omitted.


The plugin supports theming by overriding the Gig, Venue and Gig List templates (only the post archive template, not the shortcode as of yet). Simply copy the appropriate template from the /inc/templates directory within the plugin to the root of your current theme and adapt it to your own needs or to match your chosen theme. We strongly recommend you only do this with a child theme so that your new template will not be lost when updating the theme.