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Long story short

DA Media Limited was incorporated in 2001 by its director, Dave Boulden. Prior to this, Dave worked for Express Newspapers for some 14 years. When Express Newspapers changed ownership, it was an opportune time to take the plunge to becoming an independent software developer.

We draw upon many years of experience within the pressured, deadline-driven environment of a national newspaper creating and developing computer systems that planned, produced and monitored the daily creation of The Daily and Sunday Express, The Daily Star and their associated magazines alongside building the booking and managing the advertising within those titles.


Since the start, DA Media Limited has continued to work primarily within the national newspaper and magazine industry developing further web-based production monitoring, data reporting and self-service advertising systems that have been used by newspapers and magazines across the globe.

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THE Team

Dave Boulden is the founder and has been the director of DA Media Limited since the start in 2001.

Dave has had a long career in IT, starting in the 80s as a hobby coding in BASIC and Z80 assembler on early home computers leading through coding in COBOL on mainframes in the late 80s to…

coding in Borland Pascal, VisualBasic and C++ in MS-DOS and early Windows systems on PCs in the 90s and…

progressing through early web coding with ColdFusion, SQL, HTML/CSS and JavaScript in the early 2000’s to…

finally coding using mature web technologies such as CMS systems like WordPress and Drupal, PHP, JavaScript, Angular, TypeScript, NodeJS, jQuery and a host of SQL and NoSQL databases up to the current day.


Dave Boulden

Dave Boulden