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Need help with that?

DA Media can assist you in many different areas of IT services.

Why we Do it

We are passionate and engaged in the technology we use


DA Media has well over 35 years of development experience in the IT industry, the vast majority of that within the fast-paced, deadline-driven newspaper and magazine publishing industry.


We love our job. All development is undertaken with a genuine passion for the technology and the industry we work with daily.


We have a long history of developing solutions for new and untried requirements. Our ability to innovate is crucial as there isn’t always an instruction manual for the things we do. 

What our customers say

“DA Media offer an excellent bespoke programming solution which combines fast turnaround with all-round first-class service and support.

We continually trust DA Media to help us deliver our leading end-to-end solutions to publishing and media clients throughout the UK and beyond.”

Jim Carter

Chief Technology Officer, Media Systems Ltd

“I am delighted with the service I have received from DA Media, both while setting up my freelance business and with the ongoing support.

I was unsure of the logistics surrounding building a website and all that goes with it. However, DA Media made the process very simple and I was impressed with the result.”

Nathan Rao | Journalist & TV Presenter

Director, Nathan Rao Media